Our Media Cart
for Videos and Streaming*

This is our mobile Media Cart.

It has a computer, camera, microphone, speaker, large TV, lights, a power strip, and more (See the details below). As a result, it can be used for a variety of things.


We use the cart mostly for the classes that we offer on Zoom and for watching dance and instructional videos.

The Media Cart is available for our clients to use. Perhaps you have something you would like to use it for. If so, please contact us.


* Training is required before using the cart.

    No charge for the training.


Media Cart Details



We use an iPhone for our camera making it easy to zoom in and out and adjust light settings. It is mounted on a tripod fixed to the stand. The phone can be tilted up or down as needed. We have a wide-angel lens that can be attached to the phone when needed for close-up shots.


There are 2 lights with diffusers attached to the TV that illuminate and get rid of shadows up to about 6 feet away. 


The 40" TV is securely attached to the cart. It is connected as an extended screen for the computer. This is great for watching the ZOOM feed while managing the meeting on the computer.

The TV is equipped with built in Chrome Cast and Apple Airplay making it so easy to display videos from your phone.



We recently replaced the laptop shown with a computer built specifically for handling video. It has a 22" monitor attached to the cart frame and a keyboard and mouse.


The speaker provides high quality sound that can be adjusted separately from the computer. We use it for the computer output.


We use a directional wireless microphone for input. This provides superior sound to webcams, phones, tablets, etc. The microphone receiver is not shown in this picture.