Easy Tai Chi and Qigong

(Tie Chee and Chee Gung)

Easy Tai Chi Sequences              Tuesday 1-2 pm
Easy Tai Chi - Qigong                   Friday     1-2 pm
Easy Tai Chi Crane Dance           Saturday  9:15 -10:15 am
Patrick, Margarite, Trudy, and Connie

Videos available on Youtube at "Tai Chi Trudy"


Easy Crane Dance (Tai chi)

Crane Dancing Qigong was developed by Tori Fiore in 2007. It is an easy style of tai chi that combines ancient Qigong movements with the energy of dance. 

In Easy Crane Dance, the original Crane Dance sequence is modified for those with balance issues. Forward and backward steps are replaced with stationary moves. Movements that are done standing on one leg are modified to be done using both legs.


Each movement (or short sequence of movements) has a name and will be taught individually. Arm and leg actions will be demonstrated and practiced separately before being combined into a single complete movement. Transitions from movement to movement will be taught and practiced as well.

The Easy Crane Dance classes are a great workout for both mind and body.

Easy Crane Dance can be done with the assistance of a chair for balance or sitting if needed.


Saturday       10:15-11 am


$12/person drop-in or

4 classes for $40 - tai chi punch card


Phone: (480) 692-0332

Reservation by Text: (602) 345-0496

E-mail: info@kaleidoscope-dance.com

Address: 2848 S Carriage Lane, Mesa, AZ 85202

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