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Kids Dance Program

Mini Dance Program

Our mini dance program is perfect for beginner dancers ages three to eight. These dancers will learn the beginning techniques of Hip-hop, Jazz and Ballet in a positive and high energy environment. The goal of this program is to establish confidence, learn basic dance vocabulary, and to increase flexibility while having fun!

Junior Dance Program

The Junior dance program is comprised of dancers ages seven to twelve years old. Compared to our beginner program the Junior dance classes move at a faster pace. Junior dancers will learn intermediate techniques of Hip-hop, Jazz and Ballet with a focus on flexibility. Dancers will also work on learning choreography and performing techniques. The goal of this program is to instill a passion for expression through dance and a great work ethic in our dancers while maintaining a positive learning environment!

Teen Dance Program

The Teen program is designed for dancers ages eleven to eighteen wanting to advance in both their technique and performance qualities. This program is intended to develop well rounded dancers with training in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, and Contemporary techniques. While students will focus on developing a solid foundation of technique, the dancers will also be encouraged to work on performance techniques. The dancers will learn to focus not just on the steps that make up the choreography but the emotion and meaning behind it.

Our instructors work to maintain an encouraging class setting with a focus on each individual dancer!