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Kids Dance Style Descriptions


Ballet is an essential technique for any dancer to study. This class is a combination of technique practiced at the barre, in center, and across the floor. Dancers will develop a good posture,strength, flexibility, and a good work ethic.


This class is all about dancers learning to integrate floor work and pedestrian movement into their technical skill set. Students will learn how to really convey emotion through their movement and become better performers.

Hip Hop

This is a great class for kids to develop coordination and have fun. Dancers will learn many elements of this technique and work on their movement quality and musicality.

Improvisation and Movement

Improvisation allows the dancers to explore and create movement. This class focuses on different movement qualities, initiation, and musicality. Being able to improvise is a great skill for any dancer to possess.

Jazz classes at Kaleidoscope teach the technical aspects of leaps, jumps, and turns along with stylized movement to high-energy music. Flexibility and conditioning are also a focus. Through this class students will not only elevate their technique, but also their confidence.