Instructors and Other Clients at Kaleidoscope

Ita Udo-Ema

Instructor: Capoeira


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Kevin & Trudy Sherman

Instructor: Fun & Easy Couples Dance, Social Ballroom

Kevin Trudy.jpg

Kevin and Trudy started ballroom dance 5 years ago. They enjoy dancing together and want to make dancing enjoyable for others as well. Their classes focus on the beginner dancer and those who would like to dance socially. Coming from an engineering background, they make sure their classes are well planned out and structured to make learning as easy as possible.

Kim Hansen

Instructor/Choreographer: Fit for Broadway


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Laina Ferris

Instructor: Country, West Coast Swing, Line dance


Laina has a real passion for dancing and music and loves sharing the joy of dancing with her students. She has been a competitive dancer and has been dancing 28 year, teaching for the past 10 years.


She teaches partner and line dancing at different clubs and corporate events around the Valley. She also teaches Line Dance/Exercise classes at Optum Healthcare (part of United Healthcare.) She formed the Renegade Ropers Line Dance Team, a competition and performance team 5 years ago. Laina is an originator and Co-Host for the bi-monthly Country Rain and Dance Sensation at NRG Ballroom for the past 7 years.

Laina Lee of Dance Lane and East Valley Kickers Meet Up (with over 4,400 members.) She is a member of UCWCD. And teaches Country 2 Step, West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Country Waltz and Cha Cha, as well as Night Club 2 Step and N.Y. Hustle.

Luisa Alvarez

Instructor/Choreographer: West Coast Swing, Ballroom


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Mona Brandt

Instructor/Choreographer: Country, Ballroom, West Coast Swing, Performance Team


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Nicole Tortorello Fonovich

Business owner/Instructor: Yoga

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Nicole Anne Yoga

Trudy Sherman

Instructor: Easy Tai Chi, Fit for Broadway

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Trudy started dancing when she was 6 and continued to dance all the way through college. She took tap, ballet, jazz, acrobatics, and square dance. 

Vickie Aigner

Instructor: Line Dance


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