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           Upcoming Events& New Classes

  • April 8 - 22  West Coast Swing w/ Laina (Thursdays)        7:30 pm

  • Apr 24          Fun Line Dance Workshops - Beg           10:30 am

                               Please Pre-register

  • Apr 24          Fun Line Dance Workshops - Int             11:15 am

                               Please Pre-register

  • Thursday    1-Wall Line Dances Morning                            9:00 am

  • Thursday    Gentle Tai Chi - Qigong Morning               10:15 am

  • Thursday    Naam 5 Express Morning                                11:30 am

                               Starts April 15

  • Thursday    Basic Social Dance                                             6:00 pm

  • Friday          Kids Combo Dance                                             5:00 pm

                             Starts April 23


Classes and Recurring Events




           Available in-person and on Zoom

 Available in-person and on Zoom



           Available in-person and on Zoom


           Available in-person and on Zoom

           Available in-person and on Zoom 

           Available in-person and on Zoom  -  Starts April 15


         Available in-person and on Zoom

  • Kids Combo Dance                                                        5:00 pm

           Starts April 23



 Available in-person and on Zoom

  • 1-Wall Line Dances w/ Trudy  (1st & 3rd Sat's)                 10:30 am

          Available in-person and on Zoom

  • Fun Line Dance - Beg. w/ Laina (2nd & 4th Sat's)           10:30 am

  • Fun Line Dance - Int. w/ Laina (2nd & 4th Sat's)              11:15  am


  • Ballroom Fitness w/ Mona                                          11:00 am

 Available in-person and on Zoom

  • Ballroom Line Dance   w/ Mona                                   12:00 pm

 Available in-person and on Zoom

  • Great day to come practice, Just $5/hour per person

                            Call to reserve your spot 


Phone: (480) 692-0332

Reservation by Text: (602) 345-0496

E-mail: info@kaleidoscope-dance.com

Address: 2848 S Carriage Lane, Mesa, AZ 85202

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