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Floor Use Fees


We have different floor use rates depending on the type of floor use. 

  • Private lessons and practice sessions have a flat rate.

  • Group classes and events have a sliding scale based on number of participants and length of the class or activity.

  • There is also a 50/50 floor fee option for group classes and events.

  • Discounts are available - ask us.

Flat Rate Fees

Paid in 1 hour increments

Private Lessons                                              Up to 1 hour  

- Instructor and up to 2 students                                  $14/lesson

- 3 or more students is considered a group class    

Personal Practice​                                                                  1 hour

- No instructor                                                              $10/ 1 person

- 1-2 people                                                                   $14/ 2 people

Group Practice                                                                       1 hour

- No instructor                                                             $5/person

- 3 or more people

Dedicated Floor: Large or small                                  1 hour

- When requested or required                               $20 minimum

- Standard rates apply after minimum

- Private Lesson, Practice, and Group Class

Media Cart Fees


Participating in a Virtual Meeting                     1 hour

First participant                                                             $15

Each additional participant                                            $5/person

Leading a Virtual Meeting*                      

Regular group class fees apply. No additional fee.

Each virtual meeting participant is counted as a participant.

* Training is required before using the Media Cart equipment to run a Virtual Meeting.

Please pay cash
for floor fees less than $20.
Thank you!

Zoom Cart Rates
money 2a.png
Group Class Sliding Fees

Sliding Floor Fee for Group Classes

At Kaleidoscope we have a sliding floor fee based on the number of participants in each class. The fee slides to ensure that we have sufficient revenue to cover the increased costs from having more people in the studio, e.g. electricity, water, paper products, snacks, and cleaning required.


Our minimum fee is $20/hour. This is good for up to 4 participants. It is possible that the floor and the music will need to be shared when paying the minimum fee. Classes with 5 or more participants will have dedicated music if requested ahead of time and available.


As the number of students increases, the cost per person decreases. However, the total fee increases. Fees range from $5 per participant per hour in small classes to $2 per participant per hour in classes with 30 or more participants. The chart below shows the fees.


We require a $20/hr deposit to hold your spot. This is non-refundable. It will be applied to your floor fee.


Key features of the sliding scale:

  • Pay the floor reservation deposit up front to reserve your spot

  • Pay the balance at the end of each class based on the number of students attending and the number of hours

  • The larger the class, the lower the cost per student

Benefits provided with the sliding floor fee,

Sliding Fee Chart
Floor Fees 23-06-05.jpg
50/50 Fee
Event Floor Fee

50/50 Floor Fee for Group Classes

For those that would like to partner more closely with Kaleidoscope, we offer a 50/50 percentage option. The revenue that comes in is split equally between the instructor and the studio.

This option requires that we receive a $15/hour minimum per class

and a minimum of $5/hour per person.

Benefits provided with the 50/50 option.

Floor Fee for Events

An event is something that occurs only once or just occasionally. Often an event will be longer than an hour. Examples of events are: workshops, dance parties, photo shoots,  rehearsals, etc.

The floor fees for an event vary based on the event. Typically the fee for multi-hour events are lower per hour than the fee for group classes but will have a similar structure that is based on the number of participants. 

Please call the studio for information on the floor fee for your event.

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