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Floor Use

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A large part of our business comes from independent clients using our floor to pursue their passion and grow their business.

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Types of Floor Use

  1. Private Lessons - Instructor with 1 or 2 students, scheduled as needed        

  2. Group Classes - Instructor with  multiple students, regularly scheduled

  3. Events - Scheduled occasionally,  various activities, may or may not include instruction

  4. Practice - 1 or more students practicing on their own, no instructor, scheduled regularly or as needed

  5. Other - We are open to other activities that are friendly to our floor. Examples include: rehearsals for plays or musicals, writing classes, meditation, music classes, etc. Call us to see if your needs can be met at Kaleidoscope!

Floor Use Requirements

  • All floor use requires a completed and signed client registration form to be on file.

  • Events and group classes require a contract with scheduled dates and floor use fees.

  • Most regularly scheduled group classes require a non-refundable monthly reservation fee which will be applied to the floor fees.

  • All students are covered under our liability insurance, however instructors are not. It is strongly recommended that instructors carry their own liability insurance.

Floor Use Requirements
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