Floor Availablility Calendar

The labeled time blocks reflect scheduled class times, events, and times reserved by independent instructors or dancers for private lessons or practice time.

Clicking on the name of a reservation will display the full name of the class or event. If a specific floor has been reserved, the name will be followed by either SF (Small floor) or LF (large floor).

Large Floor (LF):

  • Up to 4 private lessons or 1 group lesson at a time

  • In some cases a private lesson can share with a group lesson


Smaller Floor (SF):

  • Up to 2 private lessons or 1 group lesson at a time

Reservations with initials followed by 2 more letters are for one of the following:

  • Private Lessons (PL)

  • Private Group Classes (PC)

  • Private Events (PE)

  • Personal practice (Pr)

Please call or text if you would like to reserve a time