Yoga Femme

Class Times

2nd & 4th Friday 6 - 6:55pm

Class Length

55 minutes

Class Price



Shannon White





About the course

Yoga Femme is a combination of the ancient practice of yoga - with Pranayama (breath techniques) and Asana (postures) - in concert with feminine, sensual movement. This practice will take you through familiar moves from yoga that create heat in the body and stillness in the mind. Then, throw in some fluid, sexy movement to marry that heat and stillness with pleasure and an appreciation of the feel and curves of your body.

Yoga is a beautiful practice that is excellent at stilling the mind and creating ease in the body. Feminine movement builds body confidence and inspires the feeling of sexiness and sensuality. In a world where body disconnection is so common, this practice will get you back in touch - literally - with your body.

This class is right for anyone wanting to get in touch with their sensual, feminine side, and can be adapted for every fitness level.