Social Ballroom STEP 3: Workshop & Social

Class Times

3rd Saturday 7:15 - 9:15 pm

Class Length

2 hours

Class Price

$30 per couple


Trudy & Kevin Sherman



Kevin and Trudy started ballroom dance in 2013. They enjoy dancing together and love to make dancing enjoyable for others as well. Their classes focus on the beginner dancer and those who like to dance socially.

Coming from an engineering background, they make sure their classes are well planned out and structured to make learning as easy, enjoyable, and memorable as possible. And fun!



About the course

These are our monthly ballroom workshops and social. They are for those that have a mastery of the timing and basic steps for the style and are ready to learn a sequence of 8-10 steps to use out on the dance floor.

Each workshop covers 1 style. Styles taught include swing. nightclub, cha cha, rumba, hustle, and foxtrot. Check the calendar for what style is being taught.

The workshop starts with a short review of the basics. Then the steps included in the sequence are reviewed/taught. The steps are combined one at a time to create a short versatile sequence that can be used whenever needed. Most of the steps included in the sequence are taught in the STEP 1 and 2 classes for the style, but new steps are included as well.

The workshop is followed by an hour of social dancing. Light refreshments are served. The size of the workshop is limited to ensure plenty of dance space for everyone. Advance registration is required!