Social Ballroom STEP 1: Introductory

Class Times

Tuesday 6:30 - 7:25 pm

Class Length

55 minutes

Class Price

$14 Drop-In, $48 for 4 classes


Trudy & Kevin Sherman



Kevin and Trudy started ballroom dance in 2013. They enjoy dancing together and love to make dancing enjoyable for others as well. Their classes focus on the beginner dancer and those who like to dance socially.

Coming from an engineering background, they make sure their classes are well planned out and structured to make learning as easy, enjoyable, and memorable as possible. And fun!



About the course

These are our “introductory” 2-week series of classes where timing and basic steps for 1 style of dance is introduced. These classes are great for those just getting started in ballroom as well as those who have some ballroom background and would like to try out a new style.

Each class covers a single style. The same style is taught for 2 consecutive weeks. To maximize learning and increase retention of what is learned, it is recommended to attend both weeks.

The first week of class teaches the history, timing, and basic step for the dance style. In addition, one or two other steps are taught. Plenty of practice time is included. The second week starts with a short review of the timing and basic step followed by instruction for a few additional steps different from the first week.

This approach allows students to learn enough about a style to decide if they would like to learn more. It is a good way for those that are getting back into dancing to refresh and remember what they know. Classes may be repeated to build confidence and master the basics of a style.