Hatha Yoga: Mind-Body Wellness

Class Times

Tuesday 7:30 - 8:25 pm

Class Length

55 minutes

Class Price

$10 Introductory Drop-in: $12 Normal drop-in

Michael Droz


Healthy Back Yoga, Stretch Yoga, Flow Yoga (Vinyasa), Yoga with Weights, Core Yoga for strength, Gentle Yoga, Levels 1 thru 2 (beg, int, & adv yoga), Vin/Yin Yoga, Chair Yoga, Psoas Release Yoga Therapy, and Yoga Nidra

Sports related injuries from many years of practicing Martial Arts lead Michael towards the study of Yoga. After many years of trying to heal his body of chronic pain he began to seriously focus on the art and lifestyle of yoga. Michael has received his 500 hour Master Yoga Teacher Training and has received certification from Inner Vision Yoga as a Yoga Therapist and is registered with the Yoga Alliance of America.

Michael has been actively teaching since February 2015 at the Ahwatukee Recreation Center in Chandler, Friendship Village in Tempe, the Pat Smith Yoga Studio in Scottsdale, the Aloha Yoga and Hula Studio in Chandler, the Joyful Yoga Studio in Tempe and the Tumbleweed Recreation Center in Chandler and just recently teaching at the Kaleidoscope Dance Space Studio in Mesa.

Michael’s love of asana is expressed through his classes by his teaching of just how healing yoga can be for both mind, body, and spirit. Michael teaches each class in a distinctive style that inspires students to move past old limitations with discipline and compassion. He encourages students to slow down and reconnect with themselves.

On occasion, Michael also teaches limited and intimate (12-22 people) early-morning Invitational classes at his home for all levels of practitioners. These classes celebrate the joy of practicing yoga that honors the Solstice and Equinox changing of the seasons. Michael also co-hosted and taught two, week-long International Yoga retreats in Grecia, Costa Rica, February 2016, and July 2017


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About the course

What to Expect in Yoga Class
There are several different styles of yoga to choose from today. If a class is just labeled yoga, it is likely the Hatha variety. Hatha is considered a gentle yoga that focuses on static poses and is great for beginners. However, even though it is gentle, it can still be physically and mentally challenging.

While each class varies depending on the instructor, most classes last between 45 minutes and 90 minutes. Classes typically start with a gentle warm-up, advance to more physical poses, and end with a short period of meditation. Here's a breakdown of a typical class:

Breathing: Most hatha yoga classes start with a period of focus on your breath or pranayama. As you go through the poses, your teacher will continue to remind you to focus on your breath and may offer different breathing exercising to try.

Poses: Yoga poses, also called postures or “Asanas”, are a series of movements that help improve balance, flexibility, and strength. Asanas range in difficulty from laying flat on the floor to physically challenging positions. “If at any time during your class, a pose is too difficult, your instructor can provide you with a modified posture”.

Meditation/Savasana: Most classes end with a short period of meditation. During this period of quiet reflection, your teacher may ask you to lie on your back and may cover you with a blanket. Some instructors may take you through a guided meditation or may use Tibetan singing bowls.
A traditional Hatha yoga class ends with participants sitting cross-legged, holding their hands in a prayer position over the heart (Anjali Mudra) bowing, and saying Namaste to one another or one collective Namaste repeated after the instructor says “Namaste Yogis and Yoginis”.


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