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Country Dance For Beginners

Class Times

1st & 2nd Thursday 6:30 - 7:25 pm

Class Length

55 minutes

Class Price

$14 Drop-In, $48 for 4 classes


Ryan Yoder


Ballroom, Country



About the course

These 2-week series of classes are for those who would like to either get started in country dancing or would like to brush up on their country dance skills. The first 2 weeks of each month one style of country dance is taught. The styles of dance that we offer regularly are Arizona 2-Step, Nightclub 2-Step, and Country Swing (Single Step). Check our website calendar to see what is being offered in the upcoming months.

The first week of class focuses on timing and the basic step. Proper frame and partner connection are introduced. Depending the style being taught, additional steps might also be taught. The second week of class starts with a warm up and a review of the first week. Additional basic/beginner steps are taught. Additional partner techniques are taught as needed. Plenty of practice time is provided.

No boots needed. No cowboy hat needed. No experience needed.

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