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Ballroom STEP 2: Partner Dancing

Class Times

Tuesday 7:15 - 8:10 pm
Wednesday 7:15 - 8:10 pm

Class Length

55 minutes

Class Price

$14 Drop-In, $48 for 4 classes


Trudy & Kevin Sherman



Trudy started dancing when she was 6 and continued to dance all the way through college. She enjoyed all kinds of dance. Her mother and both aunts were professional dancers as young women. Her mother was also a professional square dance caller in college. As they say "Dancing is in Trudy's blood."

Kevin and Trudy started ballroom dance in 2013. They have fun dancing together and love to make dancing a fun activity for others as well. Their classes focus on the beginner dancer and those who like to dance socially.

Coming from an engineering background, they enjoy the challenge of making sure their classes are well planned out and structured to make learning as easy, enjoyable, and memorable as possible.



About the course

STEP 2 classes focus on learning the steps and timing of a dance style with a partner. In addition to learning steps, couples will learn correct frame, lead and follow techniques, and modifications to accommodate physical needs such as height difference and joint limitations.

Each class covers a single dance style. The same style is taught for 4 consecutive weeks. Examples include swing, hustle, nightclub, waltz, rumba, and tango. Each week stands on its own. So, even though it is recommended, it is not necessary to attend all 4 weeks.

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