Ballroom Dance Program


No dance experience necessary. Easy and fun way to get started in your new life with dance.




No dance experience necessary. Introduces students to the fundamental aspects of dance. Topics include: an understanding of music, basic syllabus figures, posture, coordination, arm/leg positioning, and rhythm. This level builds discipline and proper group etiquette to prepare students to enter the intermediate level.

NOTE: Special Requests to learn dances that are not part of the Beginner Level curriculum or that require choreography will be considered Intermediate Level.



For students that have taken over 25 lessons and have checked out of the beginner level by demonstrating the basic steps of the 4 foundational dances: Waltz, American Foxtrot, Cha-cha-cha, American Rumba. Students can choose to focus their lessons on social dancing or competitive and performance dancing. They will learn partnering skills and build a more advanced understanding of music and rhythm while adding choreography to their vocabulary.



Students have a minimum of 1 year of experience dancing and have goals of going to competitions and performing in showcases. Choreography will be more advanced and students will continue to learn new competitive skills including floor craft and learn at least 6 dances between LATIN/STANDARD AND RHYTHM/SMOOTH.


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